Complete Inventory of Lenticular Prints and Collection of 3D and Animated Imaging

Over 11,500 Pieces ($90,000 Retail Value)

Includes 118 Years of Vintage Images in Lenticular Prints

Lenticular Printed Collectibles from Sport and Entertainment

Framed Lenticular Art, Displays and Printed Lenticular Sheets

Lenticular 3D Magazines, Comic Books, CD Covers, Puzzles, Games

Boxes of Mass Produced Lenticular Imaging and Production Lots



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Discover captivating 3D and animated lenticular images that will transport you to a realm of awe-inspiring beauty and innovation. Our collection of lenticular prints boasts a rich heritage of 118 years, spanning vintage images, sports and entertainment memorabilia, framed art, and much more.

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Lenticular Framed Works

Lenticular Printed Sheets

Large Lenticular Images

Collectible Lenticular Prints

Lenticular Sports Memorabilia

Lenticular Entertainment Collection

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Discover thousands of Lenticular 3D and animated images

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